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Fresh vegetable

Green vegetables are foods that are indispensable in the daily meals. Organic vegetables - hydroponic vegetables have the following values: 1. Grown on the nutritional value and organic origin, balance ...

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They Orchids (Orchidaceae) is their most abundant plant on the planet, these plants haughty beauty, unique and very attractive aroma. Hoang Nam farm with many different designs n ...

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Demand for green today do not just stop at the level or enjoy the shade that trees also contributes to vitality in the work room, living room, aisle, ... To make up the environment is ...

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Hoang Nam Canary Melon technology brings safety and hygiene in each product

Melon grows in hot dry conditions, no rain. Should normally be planted in the membrane, sealed housing with the modern technology and thorough care regime. We also can be grown outdoors in the dry season (October to March private calendar) in southern Vietnam. Melon farms in Hoang Nam are grown in a closed condition, the system provides nutrition, disease prevention is best to share my product commitments ensure food safety.

Smell characterized by product

Depending on the type of melon seeds that the product will have different flavors. From the sweet sound sweet to bold (brix of 12 to 15%), from color to color melon honeydew melon orange guts ... converge with high nutritional and medicinal herbs make great quality. Many studies have suggested that increasing consumption of plant foods such as cantaloupe reduce the risk of obesity, overall mortality, diabetes and heart disease, while promoting a healthy skin and hair, increased energy and lower overall weight.

Deliver to anywhere we are always ready to cooperate distribution

With technology and modern techniques from Israel, with many new melon varieties, color and unique flavor, good agricultural production GAP provide safe products to consumers, through the system Big C supermarket, Metro, Coop and the retail stores. Please contact as soon as possible to be able to have the melon with the best prices, the fastest for wherever you are in country.


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